Virtual Photo Lessons

Virtual photo lessons allow us to conduct a private workshop through video chat. This is the best way to learn quickly, since the curriculum is based entirely on YOU.

I’ve worked with hundreds of divers on photo workshops around the world. Several are now winning prominent contests and even judging photo contests.

Step 1

Email me through the form below.

Step 2

We schedule a time and you send me your images.

Step 3

We use video chat and discuss the topics in detail.

I’ll follow up with any supporting material after our lesson.

virtual lessons are easy
Virtual image reviews are an easy way to take your images to the next level.

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My Thoughts on Photo Instruction



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About Virtual Photo Lessons

Virtual Lessons FAQ

How does it work?

Fill out the form above. We’ll exchange emails so that I know exactly what you’d like to learn, including any challenges you’re having. Send me sample photos prior to our lesson.

We’ll start a video chat at the scheduled time (Skype, Facetime, Zoom, Slack, etc.) and get to work. We’ll review images, discuss concepts like composition, lighting, and camera settings. I’ll share my screen for image reviews and Lightroom. We’ll have fun, trust me!

Can I schedule multiple lessons?

Absolutely! We can work through a detailed curriculum or even review images after your dives as you apply new concepts underwater.

Virtual Lesson Rates

Email Image Review or Troubleshooting of 6 Photos: $20 USD

30 Minute Virtual Lesson: $45 USD

60 Minute Virtual Lesson: $75 USD

Payment is made prior to our lesson via popular digital payment services.

Lesson Topics

These are just ideas – we can discuss exactly what YOU want to learn.

Image Reviews

Looking for a professional critique on your images? Let’s set up an image review that discusses the your images AND the settings/techniques that would improve them.

I generally focus on composition, lighting, camera settings and insights on marine life behavior for these detailed image reviews.

Camera Settings

General macro and wide-angle settings, settings for specific underwater photo techniques, subjects and shooting conditions.

Underwater Photography Skills

Macro basics, wide-angle basics, mastering exposure, strobe positioning, focusing, shooting with video lights, underwater video, basic and advanced composition, split-shots and over-unders, close focus wide-angle, sunbursts, supermacro, and much more.

Post-Processing & Workflow

Adobe Lightroom workflow, basic and advanced editing, image reviews, best practices. I study this stuff, seriously.

Landscape Photography

A great trip portfolio will have some nice land shots to complement the underwater photos. We can work on long exposures, using filters, basic and advanced composition, sunsets, seascapes, starscapes, timelapses and more.

My Thoughts on Photo Instruction

I believe that great photos are created by those who truly understand the fundamentals of photography. My instruction focuses on learning and applying these concepts with any camera and any lighting.

I’m arguably the first underwater photographer with published stills from GoPros and mobile phone housings – evidence I take these concepts seriously.

Even more, I’m not affiliated with any retail shop, meaning I will not be telling you that buying more gear is the solution. The deeper your understanding, the more you can do with less.

brent durand shooting photos during an underwater photo workshop
Me shooting a Diver-in-Scene with a workshop guest in January 2020. Thanks for the photo Martin Weingartner!

Reviews & Testimonials

Below are a few snippets of customer reviews from my photo workshops. You can also check out the comments on my YouTube videos for more great unedited feedback.

Photo Workshop Quotes

Excerpt from a Nov 2019 photo workshop feature in Undercurrent scuba diving magazine: [instructor Brent Durand was] “amazing… both in his skills in teaching / critiquing, conveying information, and being open to any question, actually helping underwater, really everything about the workshop.”

Video Series Quotes

“Wow! After watching your 21 min video I improved my underwater Macro and general shots by 100% in just 2 dives.”

“Well done. This old dog actually learned a few things.”

“This has by far been one of the most informative videos I’ve seen, with practical examples. Thank you!”

My Bio

Below is a video profile produced by Scuba Diving Magazine and presented by Citizen Watch.

You can also jump to my complete bio page.