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You’ll find the videos arranged into three chapters:

Autofocus – Adobe Lightroom – Bonus Videos.

Each chapter is hosted by Vimeo, so you can log in with your account and stream the videos any time, any place.

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About the VIP Video Channel

These VIP videos are directly inspired by my photo workshop curriculum, refined over years presenting these topics, fielding questions, revising, presenting again, and continuing the loop.

I host each video in a casual yet clear and concise manner, supporting concepts with diagrams and graphics taken directly from workshop presentations.

You’ll find that these videos feel like your own Private Photo Workshop!

Watch anywhere, anytime – even during your dive trip (WiFi needed).

Let’s get started! Check out the individual channels below:

autofocus video tutorial series

4 Video Episodes – 23 Minutes of Photo Instruction


  • Autofocus Basics (4:40)
  • Autofocus Drive Modes (6:28)
  • Autofocus Area Selection (6:21)
  • Plane of Focus & Hyperfocal Distance (5:39)

Buy the Series (stream anytime on Vimeo): $11.99

Rent the Series for 3 days: $7.99


lightroom video tutorial series

3 Video Episodes – 24 Minutes of Photo Instruction


  • Backscatter Removal (7:52)
  • Master Lightroom Search (6:50)
  • All About White Balance (9:41)

Buy the Series (stream anytime on Vimeo): $11.99

Rent the Series for 3 days: $7.99


video tutorial topics for underwater photography

2 Video Episodes – 16+ Minutes of Photo Instruction


  • Using In-Camera Highlight Alerts (5:40)
  • All About Constant Light (11:08)

Buy Videos a la carte (stream anytime on Vimeo): $3.99 ea

Rent Videos a la carte (stream for 3 days): $2.99 ea


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