Course 1 – Lesson 3


Master camera autofocus, basic composition, minimizing backscatter, and advanced strobe & light positions in this 23 page photo lesson.



Learn underwater photography fundamentals from the comfort of your own home.

This lesson is a pdf download that makes it easy to work through on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Course 1 – Lesson 3 consists of 23 pages discussing:

  • Autofocus basics
  • Autofocus drive modes
  • Autofocus area selection
  • Autofocus exercises
  • Photo composition tips
  • Minimizing backscatter
  • Advanced light positions

Lesson 3 is part of 3 lessons in Underwater Photography Course 1: The Fundamentals.

Lesson 1 covers: Basic camera settings, settings reciprocity, depth of field, two dynamic practice exercises, and a quick quiz.

Lesson 2 covers: The histogram, exposure exercises, exposure process for macro and for wide-angle, a quick quiz, and basic light positions.

I recommend working through these underwater photo courses before your dive trip so that you’re ready to start shooting great photos on your first dive. You can always Read my Bio and/or contact me with questions.


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