Private Photo Tours

Want to shoot photos at the best spots at the best times of day?

Brent has spent a lifetime exploring the California coast above and below the surface. You can arrange a private photo tour with Brent or simply ask him to help create the perfect photo itinerary for you and your friends.

Why Hire A Photo Guide?

Years of Experience

Don’t waste valuable vacation time guessing where to shoot the best photos and when to show up. Exceptional photo planning includes location access, weather, tides, sun orientation, and much more.

Underwater, smart navigation around the dive site is paramount for seeing all the best features and creatures while knowledge of conditions helps find the best visibility.

Local Knowledge

Which camp site should you choose? Where can you get the perfect post-dive meal? Where is that grove of Redwoods that none of the tourists visit?

A smart itinerary and logistics not only ensure you maximize the time on your trip and but make the whole adventure feel easy.

Professional Photo Instruction

An experienced photo instructor is able to work on any skills you’re interested in learning while troubleshooting any existing issues. A good instructor teaches to the level of the student, from photo basics all the way to simply guiding a seasoned photographer to the best compositions.

Perfect Trip Portfolios

A professional photographer knows the ins-and-outs of creating a portfolio that will wow your audience, including seascapes, marine life, “Instagram-style” lifestyle, adventure and the occasional abstract.

Outdoor Activity & Photo Specialties

Brent’s published work includes Scuba Diving, Seascapes, Landscapes, Surfing, Hiking, Camping, Stand Up Paddling, Kayaking, Sea Caves and Big Trees.

Please note that scuba divers must have an advanced certification with fifty or more logged dives.

Email for More Details

Please include the details you’re thinking. The more details you provide, the more detailed my reply can be. I generally reply within 24 hours.

Rate & Compensation: This depends entirely on the level you’d like me involved in your photo tour. I’m happy to answer basic dive site suggestions via email, while for a complete itinerary I add a small service fee up front. Full photo tour rate is discussed as we dive into planning. This helps to compensate me for the time spent and secrets shared. I trust that you agree this is fair!