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This video tutorial series spans all aspects of underwater photography. Officially dubbed the ‘Two Minute Tutorial Series’, these fun, concise and informative videos help take your images to the next level.

The VIP Member series is quickly growing, with hours to tutorials already, and each episode is available for unlimited streaming by itself or as part of the Member subscription.

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Autofocus & Focusing
Image Exposure
General Photo Tips


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Autofocus & Focusing

Each of these episodes addresses a different aspect of achieving sharp focus in your camera, whether compact, mirrorless, or DSLR.

I discuss camera settings, customization of features, technical details on how autofocus works, how to coach your camera, tips, tricks, and much more.

Autofocus MiniSeries – Part II
autofocus video miniseries - part 2

Length – 6:27: Part II of our autofocus mini-series discusses the pros and cons of the different autofocus drive modes, and when to best use each when shooting underwater.

Watch Autofocus Part II

Back Button Focus Explained
back button focus technique video thumbnail

Length – 2:32: This tutorial explains the benefits of back button focus, how to configure your camera, and when to use it for best results.

Watch Back Button Focus Explained

Image Exposure

Correct image exposure is fundamental in creating great underwater photos. True, post-processing on today’s cameras can fix photos that otherwise would go right into the trash can, however the best results will still come from properly exposed images.

Mastering exposure will allow you to capture the full range of underwater subjects, from wrecks to reefs to fast subjects. Lastly, special techniques can also allow you to intentionally overexpose or underexpose areas of the frame with a certain post-processing workflow in mind.

Exposure and Your Histogram
Exposure and Your Histogram video tutorial thumbnail

Length – 8:39: Judging image exposure through an LCD screen is often very deceptive. This episode discusses the four variables in mastering underwater exposure, while also explaining how to measure them using the histogram. These topics are among the first that should be mastered by all underwater photographers.

Watch Exposure & Your Histogram

Ambient Light – Camera Settings (Part I)
Ambient Light Camera Settings video tutorial thumbnail

Length – 5:55: Our first ambient light tutorial discusses the best camera settings for shooting ambient light photos. These tips span subjects from shipwrecks to whales to cenotes.

Watch Ambient Light Camera Settings

Ambient Light – Lenses and Dome Ports (Part II)
Ambient Light Lenses and Dome Ports video tutorial thumbnail

Length – 4:00: Our second ambient light tutorial discusses different lens and dome port combinations, their benefits, drawbacks, and when I like to use each different setup.

Watch Ambient Light Lenses & Dome Ports

In-Camera Highlight Alerts
In-Camera Highlight Alerts video tutorial thumbnail

Length – 5:40: Once you understand how your histogram measures exposure, it’s time to learn about in-camera highlight alerts. This is a useful feature used during image playback that will help you avoid overexposing highlights when lighting tricky subjects.

Watch In-Camera Highlight Alerts

General Photo Tips

These tutorial videos are mostly a response to your questions about shooting specific subjects, so feel free to contact me with your questions. I may just turn it into a full tutorial!

How to Shoot Sunbursts
how to shoot underwater sunbursts

Length – 8:08: Learn how to shoot underwater sunbursts with these tips, including camera settings and strobe techniques.

Watch How to Shoot Sunbursts

3 Nudibranch Photo Tips
3 Nudibranch Photo Tips video tutorial thumbnail

Length – 3:03: This episode shares three fundamental macro photo tips, but specifically addressing one of our favorite subjects – nudibranchs!

Watch 3 Nudibranch Photo Tips

5 Tips for Fast Subjects
5 Tips for Fast Subjects video tutorial thumbnail

Length – 6:17: Have you found that your photos of quick subjects are often blurry and out of focus, especially at depth? These tips will help you bring home crisp, sharp images.

Watch 5 Tips for Fast Subjects

Stability Secrets for Macro
Macro Stability Secrets video tutorial thumbnail

Length – 2:56: Underwater macro photo and video can be very challenging. Still photos are very hard to focus, especially when using a diopter. We also don’t want to touch or damage the reef. Luckily, there is a very easy way to capture crisp photos… and even stabile video… without the hassle of setting up an underwater tripod.

Watch Stability Secrets for Macro

Red Light, White, & Cephalopod Eyes
lights and cephalopod eyes

Length – 3:50: I attempted to make a Two Minute Tutorial that was 2 minutes… and failed. This video focuses on cephalopod eyes and how they change with different light!

Watch Red Light, White, & Cephalopod Eyes

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Brent Durand

Professional writer and underwater photo instructor. Brent is an avid diver and surfer, and has led many intensive photo workshops around the world.