VIP Member Lightroom Video Tutorials

This video tutorial series expands on the tips and techniques series by sharing Adobe Lightroom editing tips, insights and methods to speed up your editing workflow.

In short, this is how to best use Lightroom to edit your underwater photos.

As a bonus, the series also includes episodes dedicated to editing your (and my own) underwater photos. So watch the series and send me your image if you’d like to see a video of how I would edit it!

If you don’t currently use Lightroom, check it out, or contact me with questions.

The VIP Member series is quickly growing, with hours to tutorials already, and each episode is available for unlimited streaming by itself or as part of the Member subscription.

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Lightroom Editing Video Series


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Removing Backscatter in Lightroom
Removing Backscatter Video Tutorial thumbnail.

Length – 7:52: Learn how to quickly and efficiently remove backscatter in Adobe Lightroom. Of course, we always want to minimize backscatter when shooting, but some particles are inevitable.

Watch Removing Backscatter in Lightroom

Correcting White Balance in Lightroom
Correcting White Balance in Adobe Lightroom Tutorial

Length – 9:37: Learn how to quickly and efficiently customize the white balance in your underwater photos while editing in Adobe Lightroom.

Watch Correcting White Balance in Lightroom

Mastering Lightroom Search
Mastering Lightroom Search video tutorial thumbnail

Length – 6:47: Lightroom is a powerful tool for catalog management and organization, photo editing, and locating photos quickly when you need them. This tutorial episode demonstrates the various search criteria available in Lightroom and the benefits of each.

Watch Mastering Lightroom Search

Edit This Photo – Humpback Whale in Ambient Light
Edit This Photo - Humpback Whales video thumbnail

Length – 15:40: This is the first episode where I demonstrate my editing process for an underwater photo. I selected one of my ambient light images of a humpback whale mother and calf from a recent trip to the Silver Bank.

Watch Edit This Photo – Humpbacks in Ambient Light

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Brent Durand

Professional writer and underwater photo instructor. Brent is an avid diver and surfer, and has led many intensive photo workshops around the world.