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This video series takes one of the most productive photo workshop sessions (and always a guest favorite) and turns it into videos you can watch at home. This is your own private photo workshop.

These constructive image critiques review image sets that YOU submit. We all learn from listening to insights not just from our own images, but also from images shot by people with different styles and abilities.

As a photo editor of quite a few years, and having led months of intensive underwater photo workshops, I try to highlight not just improvements, but positive aspects of each photo, driving home key takeaways in each video episode.

This series focuses on image composition, strobe lighting, exposure, framing, marine life behavior, and other tips along the way.

The VIP Member series is quickly growing, with hours to tutorials already, and each episode is available for unlimited streaming by itself or as part of the Member subscription.

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Image Review Video Series


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Vancouver Island, BC, Canada – Nikon D500

4.14.19: This image review video features photos of steller sea lions from an iconic dive site near Vancouver Island. Shot with the Nikon D500 and Tokina 10-17mm fisheye. (Length: 14:05)

Watch Image Review 4.14.19

Hammerheads, Sea Lions, Fast Subjects – Nikon D7100

3.8.19: This image review video features photos from California and the Bahamas, with hammerheads and sea lions making appearances. (Length: 13:25)

Watch Image Review 3.8.19

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador – Sony a6000

2.22.19: This image review video features photos from the Galapagos Islands shot with the Sony a6000 mirrorless crop-sensor camera. (Length: 13:24)

Watch Image Review 2.22.19

Bunaken, Indonesia – Canon 5D Mk III

2.5.19: This image review video features photos from Bunaken National Park, Indonesia shot with the Canon 5D Mark III. (Length 6:23)

Watch Image Review 2.5.19

Lembeh Strait, Indonesia – Nikon D500

1.14.19: This image review video features images from Indonesia’s famed Lembeh Strait. But these aren’t the macro images we always see – they’re wide-angle shot with the Nikon D500! (Length: 17:58)

Watch Image Review 1.14.19

Bali, Indonesia – Nikon D850

1.8.19: This image review video, our third episode features macro images from Bali, Indonesia shot with the Nikon D850 and Nikkor 105mm macro lens. (Length: 11:37)

Watch Image Review 1.8.19

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Brent Durand

Professional writer and underwater photo instructor. Brent is an avid diver and surfer, and has led many intensive photo workshops around the world.