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About the Courses

About Brent


“Super informative and helpful, you taught me so much. Thank you!”

Brent is a natural teacher and genuinely passionate about underwater photography. That combo, along with his years of experience, make him a fantastic photography coach! Working with Brent will help take your work to the next level.

“Just such a perfect introduction, you really covered a lot. thank you very much!”

“Well done. This old dog actually learned a few things.”

About the Underwater Photo Courses

Course 1: Fundamentals

Course 1 teaches the fundamentals of underwater photography. This course is designed for beginners who would like to start moving away from automatic point and shoot photography. It’s also a great course for intermediate photographers who would like the strengthen their fundamentals in order to start creating more creative images.

The course consists of three lessons that build the foundation necessary to start taking great photos and to excel creatively from there.

Course 2

Course 2 will push beginners, guide intermediates to the next level, and sharpen the skills of advanced underwater photographers.

Which course is right for me?

These underwater photo courses are designed for divers using cameras with manual settings capabilities.

Each underwater photo lesson is packed with detailed information, diagrams, sample photos and exercises that will help solidify each lesson. I recommend working on each course and lesson in order since many of the skills build on each other like a pyramid.

You can click on each Lesson above for more information on exactly what you’ll find in the pdf lesson manual.

Feel free to contact me with questions. I’m here to help you learn.

About Brent

Brent Durand is a professional underwater photographer, video producer and writer working in the dive industry since 2013. He has led photo workshops around the world and his work is regularly published online and in print worldwide. Read Brent’s full bio here.

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