Underwater Strobe Positioning

Strobe positioning is a continual challenge in underwater photography. It is the most critical element of each photo after dialing in the basic camera settings. Proper strobe positioning will light the subject in a way that makes the colors pop, create depth through shadows, aid the camera’s auto white balance calculations and minimize backscatter. So […]

How to Minimize Backscatter

Backscatter is the arch nemesis in underwater photography. It can turn an otherwise stellar image into a trash can candidate. It’s deceptive too, often very tough to see in the camera’s LCD screen while underwater. So what causes backscatter? How can we minimize backscatter in our photos?     What is Backscatter? Backscatter is caused […]

GoPro Underwater Settings

The GoPro HERO6 is a great underwater camera. It shoots beautiful video and photos in a number of different formats and useful underwater settings. The camera integrates easily with the GoPro mobile app and the body is even waterproof down to 33ft (10m) before adding the Super Suit dive housing. I recommend GoPros to a […]