Underwater Camera Gear Advice

What is the Best Camera Gear for Underwater Photography?

Let me help you choose the right gear for your budget, desired photos, and scuba diving style.

I have shot with quite a lot of camera and housing combinations underwater, have written reviews for some of the top scuba diving publications, and have helped divers with a wide range of camera systems during photo workshops around the world.

I can help you too!

GoPro – Compact – Mirrorless – DSLR

Housings – Ports – Cameras – Lenses – Strobes – Lights

How Does it Work?

Email me your thoughts and ideas. I have relationships with several underwater camera gear shops around the U.S. and will make underwater camera gear recommendations based on the info you provide.

You will receive the best prices and advice from a neutral party and I earn a small referral commission from the retailer. It’s a win-win!

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underwater strobe comparison

Underwater Strobe Comparison


Packing Underwater Photo Gear


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