Blue-Ringed Octopus Facts and Photos

The blue-ringed octopus is one of the deadliest marine animals in the world. A small, well camouflaged mollusk, it is commonly found in rubble reef areas of the Indo-Pacific and certain areas of the Pacific ocean. The blue-ringed octopus bite contains tetrodotoxin (TTX), which can easily paralyze a human for several hours. This is probably […]

How to Minimize Backscatter

Backscatter is the arch nemesis in underwater photography. It can turn an otherwise stellar image into a trash can candidate. It’s deceptive too, often very tough to see in the camera’s LCD screen while underwater. So what causes backscatter? How can we minimize backscatter in our photos?     What is Backscatter? Backscatter is caused […]

Underwater Strobe Positioning

Strobe positioning is one of the continuous challenges of underwater photography. It is the most critical element of each photo after dialing in the basic camera settings. Proper strobe positioning will light the subject in a way that makes the colors pop, create depth through shadows, aid the camera’s auto white balance calculations and minimize […]