Beach Diving Gear

Keeping your hands free is the key to safely getting your camera system in and out of the water without scratches or being hit by waves.

This video demonstrates how I carry an underwater camera housing rig to and from the water while beach diving (aka shore diving).


How to Carry Your Camera Beach Diving & Shore Diving

As a California beach diver, much of my diving requires a good hike to the waterline. The trails can be steep, the rocks can be slippery at low tide, and the surge requires swift action during lulls.

The system of clips and lanyards featured in this video is the only way I’m able to scuba dive off the beach. Most beach diving photographers will use some variation of this system.

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Beach diving takes a toll on your housing and other gear, with sand and other debris more common than when open water diving, so be sure to work out a solid underwater housing maintenance routine.

One of my favorite beach dives for underwater photo and video is the almost annual Redondo Beach squid run.

beach diving gear for camera rig
Prepping for a beach dive in an Idaho lake before the 2017 solar eclipse.

Brent Durand

Professional writer and underwater photo instructor. Brent is an avid diver and surfer, and has led many intensive photo workshops around the world.