Autofocus in Underwater Photography

Welcome to episode one of the Two Minute Tutorial Series. These short instructional videos preset quick tips that will help improve your underwater photography.

This video episode focuses on autofocus in underwater photography. We dive into autofocus modes, area selections and focus points, all of which are used to create sharp images.

Most housing manufacturers make macro ports and dome extensions with manual focus rings, but those are quickly losing popularity. Autofocus is so good these days that it’s the go-to for most underwater photographers.

Video is an area where manual focus comes in handy, although mostly just for creative transitions at this point. We need to know exactly how to maximize our camera’s AF system in order to make decisions that deliver the precise creative result we’re looking for.


Two Minute Tutorial Video Series


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Brent Durand

Professional writer and underwater photo instructor. Brent is an avid diver and surfer, and has led many intensive photo workshops around the world.