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Brent Durand Professional Photographer

Brent Durand is an avid California scuba diver, surfer, writer, photographer and marketer.

Brent has been diving since 1997 and working full time in the dive and underwater imaging industries since early 2013, building a career that blends passion and work into a lifestyle. His photography is widely published in print and advertising worldwide, with a client list that includes tourism boards, dive resorts, camera equipment manufacturers, and a wide range of media companies. He works full time as Brand Evangelist at SCUBAPRO and writes for scuba publications as time permits.

Brent has led underwater photo workshops in the Bahamas, California, Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines and Sri Lanka, helping hundreds of guests take their photography to the next level.

Brent’s passion is creating unique images that convey raw ocean wilderness, most often while diving the rugged Northern California coast. When not working or diving, you’ll find Brent shooting photo and video, riding gravel and mountain bikes, traveling, surfing, or relaxing with the family.

View his imagery on Instagram / Facebook and watch his Adventure Diving video blog series on YouTube.


Behind the Scenes

I’ve always been a strong believer in diving local and supporting our local dive communities.

Dive Local Casino Point. Produced by SCUBAPRO 2021.

I’m extremely honored to have been the ambassador for Citizen’s Promaster Diver watch launch.

Citizen Dive Watch Promaster 200m Diver. Produced by Scuba Diving Magazine 2018.



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